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Hell's Canyon Memorial Day Run 2016

Impromptu run with beautiful weather and a great BBQ with the members that showed up.  The canyon was as green as I've ever seen it.  Flows were 17k to 24k cfs, with groups going to the dam and to the confluence without incident.

Glenn's Ferry 2016

IJBA sponsored club run.

Members ran the Snake River launching their boats at King Hill ramp in Glenn's Ferry, Idaho.

The launch is getting a makeover to provide more parking.

IJBA Volunteer Training Day 2016

One of the great events IJBA helps out with is the training of law enforcement.

Idaho Parks and Recreation along with Marine sheriff's from the local northwest come to Lucky Peak Recreation Area to train with the IJBA.

IJBA volunteers come out with their boats to provide training for law enforcement to get proper training and safety for boarding boats and dealing with "unruly" boaters.  A great time for all!


Glenn's Ferry Run March 2017

This year we had quite a few boats show up to the river for their very first time and all went well.  With flows touching 30k CFS the rapids were an absolute blast and a ton of fun to play in.  Pilgrim rapid's wave train was absolutely enormous and many members played in them giving their boat a good washing.  Peg Leg was extremely easy to run at this flow as you could skirt most of it.

Salmon River Run April 2017

Our run this year was a great success with a big turnout.  We had 13 boats make it up to Buckskin Bill's this year.  The Frank Church Wilderness area did not disappoint our new members who had never been there.  Definitely a life experience they will never forget.  We even managed to wear out two of our favorite friends on the run.




Hell's Canyon Run September 2017

What an AWESOME run we had.  Not only did our members bust their butt's doing our service project this year but we had one of our best turnouts the club has ever had.  We had over 100 donated man hours from all of our members digging out and replacing the sprinkler lines to keep the trees watered in Pittsburgh Landing campground.