Club Runs

Throughout the year the IJBA will have club sponsored runs.  These runs are a great opportunity for members to learn new waters.  As a club we try to put experienced drivers with less experienced drivers in small groups.  Ride-a-longs or experienced drivers hopping in another members boats to help them learn are encouraged as well.  Driver meetings occur prior to launching the morning of the run.  If you have ever wanted to learn how to get to a prime fishing spot or run that big rapid, this is the best opportunity to do so.

King Hill, Glenn's Ferry Run

This run often referred to as King Hill or Glenn's Ferry is one of the best places if you are new to jet boating and having your boat in swift water.  This is one of our more popular runs due to it being only 72 miles east of Boise and having a great campground to stay at.  Three Island Crossing campground is where we stay and meet prior to launching.  It is a year round campground that REQUIRES reservations.  It's recommended you reserve a spot prior to the run.  Check out this video to get a feel of what the river is like. Driver's meeting 9am at the lower campground gazebo.

March 21st, 2020

Salmon River

April 11th, 2020

The "River Of No Return" is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful places to ever go to, and we get to go through it on a boat and see what very few get to.  The Frank Church Wilderness area does not disappoint.  Some members refer to this is the Salmon River Highway.  Depending on the flow this run can be fairly friendly or show it's teeth.  This run can be beginner friendly but probably isn't for a first timer.  If you are interested on going on this run we recommend you ride with someone on  your first trip.  A pre run generally happens the Friday prior so if you are new this is a perfect change to hop in a boat and see what you are in for.  A pot-luck style dinner on Saturday for all members who wish to participate.

Hell's Canyon

September 19th, 2020

The payette river is located about 30 miles North of Boise and is a quick 40 minute drive from town.  This is a local favorite due to the close nature of the river and the ability to do a quick run after work during the week.  One obstacle for everyone is loading your boat back on the trailer at one of the toughest launches any boater will use.  This section of river is only accessible for jet boats during the spring run off.  Depending on the flows, this is a great place to learn how your boat will react in moving water.  The club provides hot dogs at the ramp as everyone unloads their boats for this run.

The Wild and Scenic section of Hell's Canyon.  Depending on how comfortable you are in your boat this river has a section for everyone.  This is our most popular run with a club provided steak and member pot luck style dinner at the end of the day.  This is the ultimate playground for your boat and phenomenal fishing with the surroundings of Hell's Canyon.  There are many historic stops along the way that are all worth a stop.  This run starts at Pittsburgh Landing Campground, where campsites are first come first served.  This run has everything from Class I to Class V rapids.  This is one of the best stretches of river to learn to really read a river.  There is a little bit of everything for all levels of boaters on this run.

TBD depending on flows

Payette River