Hell's Canyon Demo Fee Proposal

The United States Forest Service is proposing a 5-10$ per person per day fee in the HCNRA.  The IJBA is unanimously against this proposal.  Below is the letter sent to the USFS and local government entities.

P.O. Box 190657

Boise, ID 83705


July 27th 2016

Dear Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Service,

The Intermountain Jet Boat Association (IJBA) would like to thank you for valuing our opinion on the proposed Demo Fee in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area (HCNRA).  The IJBA appreciates the time spent by Mr. Lubera and Mr. Ball in informing us of the proposed changes in the HCNRA and allowing us to voice our concerns and comments.

With the current proposal the IJBA at this time is not in favor of the Recreation Demo Fee. The Intermountain Jet Boat Association board of directors have unanimously agreed in opposition of the current proposal.

The IJBA would like to see the following criteria met for ANY future proposed fees within the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.  The Four areas the we feel are required for a fee to be proposed:

1. The fee must be fair for ALL users of the HCNRA.

2. Transparency and accountability on how all funds are allocated. This would be initially be demonstrated by a 4 year sunset clause. All involved parties will be aware this fee program will end and the complete details of the program including all revenue and usage will be published for any evaluation needed to determine if the program should be reinstated.

3. An advisory committee made up of ALL interested HCNRA users; (OHV, Hikers, Floaters and Jet Boat users)to recommend and study the current and future needs in the canyon. This committee would serve as a mechanism to both provide guidance and user buy in, both of which would be critical for the success of the stated goals thus far.

4. Input and feedback from the 4 Idaho based Bureau of Land Management Resource Advisory Councils for this program.

In conclusion the IJBA would like to thank you for providing the opportunity for our feedback and would like to reiterate the sensitive nature of how this proposed fee will impact users to this area. We sincerely hope that the Forest Service takes our recommendations to heart and perhaps begins anew the entire process of evaluating this impact and involves all stakeholders from the beginning in hopes of crafting a true solution that will be beneficial to the resource we all love.



        Intermountain Jet Boat Association